Epic-sized spaces, meet your match

Have a large space that requires serious circulation to stay comfortable? Rely on the powerful Entrematic I-Class industrial HVLS fan. Spanning up to 24 feet in diameter, the I-Class keeps the air in your facility in constant motion, so you can stay cool and in control. And when you need to heat things up, the fan features reverse circulation functionality, ensuring everything stays “just right” all year long.

The 3 Levels of Safety

We provide three layers of redundant safety measures at each critical point to ensure I-Class is the safest HVLS fan in the industry.

Key Safety Features:



Single-Axis Mount
Provides a strong, solid attachment.

Safety Cable
Prevents the entire fan from falling in the unlikely event of a mounting structure failure.

Guy Wires
Give the fan lateral stability, protecting and stabilizing it in cross breezes from open doors or the HVAC.


Fenner Nut

Retention Plate

Branding Plate


Double Strut
Each strut — top and bottom — is strong enough to support the blade on its own.

The double strut design spreads the load of the blade as it flexes, so no fatigue point develops.

Safety Cable
A safety cable hooks to the last fastener on the blade. If something were to strike the blade, this lanyard will prevent a broken blade from falling on people or equipment below and instead hold it suspended.


I-Class industrial HVLS fans don’t just move air in circles; they circulate a gentle mass of air evenly throughout the space. The largest I-Class fan, the 24-foot diameter, has been proven to improve airflow in a coverage area of 30,000 square feet, the largest in the industry. By networking multiple fans, I-Class can cover much larger facilities as well.

Largest Coverage Area in the Industry

At the Forefront of Innovation

The I-Class fan utilizes advanced technology that makes it the most efficient HVLS fan in the industry.

The Smoothest Airflow

Entrematic’s patent-pending downward winglet design maximizes the efficiency of airfoils by reducing the induced drag. The molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) winglets help generate vortices below the airfoil, directing turbulence away from the trailing blade. It all adds up to cleaner air circulation that can be felt, not seen.

Maximizing Efficiency

The I-Class fan’s airfoil-style blade design produces a massive, cylindrical column of air flowing down to the floor and outward in all directions. This horizontal floor jet pushes air a greater distance before it is pulled back vertically toward the blades, where the patent-pending design increases lift, and the interior vertical support increases strength, so your fan can perform to its maximum abilities. And when you run the fan in reverse during colder months? You’ll still receive up to 70% efficiency for year-round temperature control you can count on.

Safety in Numbers

The blades of a fan naturally flex up and down while spinning. While other companies rely on a single aluminum strut within each blade — a design that puts pressure on the same point every time — we’ve improved on that flaw by innovating a double strut design that spreads the load so there’s no one fatigue point. Safer and more durable … that should give you peace of mind.

Control Up to 30 Fans at Once

Stay in control of your I-Class fans with iFAN® HVLS Fan Control. This intelligent software allows you to network up to 30 industrial fans together to control them from one central location by “daisy chaining” them together via wire conductor cables and connecting the last fan to the iFAN computer. This convenient functionality makes it possible to control fans individually by zone or facility in real-time, saving you energy and increasing efficiencies where less airflow is necessary.

Need Control on a Smaller Scale?
I-Class has been designed to meet the needs of facilities of all shapes and sizes.

  1. I-Class can be integrated into your existing building management system.
  2. I-Class can network 2-4 fans for multifan control from one place.
  3. I-Class fans can be controlled individually.
Airfoil Design
Strut Design
Control Options

Find Your Perfect Fit

Customization Options

There are a variety of ways to customize I-Class to fit your unique needs. Our specialists will walk you through the process to determine the best options for your space.


  • Fan Diameter
    Available in: 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’ or 24’
  • Color Choices
    Standard: Black
    Alternate: Clear anodized silver
    For special needs, contact us to discuss custom powder-coating for additional color options
  • Design Your Way
    Blades, framework and motor cover can each be individually customized
Clear Anodized Silver
Standard Color Options*
*Color appearance may vary onscreen; you’ll be able to confirm your choice with a color chip.

Have another color or print in mind? Just give us a call at 866-696-2464 or click below to bring your ideas to life.


Service From the Start
Service & Installation

Commitment to Service
Whether you’re simply looking for more information about Entrematic I-Class fans, need help determining what setup would be best for your facility or have a question about a product you already own, Entrematic Fans is here to help. We’re committed to walking with you every step of the way — and ensuring your fan is a powerhouse for years to come.

Installation Assistance
Entrematic industrial fans are designed to be professionally installed, and the Entrematic network includes an extensive set of installers with superior service and experience. However, if you choose to have your own contractor install I-Class fans, your warranty will still stand. We always stand behind our products.

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