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Any working environment where slabs of quartz and granite are cut, ground and polished is bound to create its own……


Nearly 5,000 miles separate what began as inspiration born among the pubs of the English countryside and what eventually became……

Keeping Goods (and Air) Moving

While over-the-road trucks typically travel a few thousand miles each week, sooner or later they’ll need some kind of required……


Three tenets that Pender, Neb.-based Blue Ox® lives by every day include supporting local parts suppliers, investing in American-made products,……

Do You Have a Fan Plan?

So you’ve decided to install HVLS fans in your facility or business. Great choice! So now what? There are a……

The Advantages of Incorporating HVLS Fans into Modern Building Design

Sarah Marshall, principal architect at Napa Design Partners, relied on EPIC HVLS fans to provide both an aesthetically pleasing look and cost-effective performance in her design for the Boys & Girls Club of Napa Valley's newest building. Here are the 4 top reasons Epic fans became so integral to her design.


A unique showcase for several meticulously preserved and flying World War II warbirds that changed the course of history, the……

Colossus Fans Solve Multiple Challenges for Jakov P. Dulcich & Sons Grape Packing Facility

After the world’s finest California table grapes are carefully hand-picked for color and rigorously tested for just the right sugar……


Equestrian Hunter-Jumper Facility Barn's Colossus™ Fan Makes Dramatic Statement While Horses and Staff Remain Comfortable

Industrial Hvls Fans Integrated With Powerful Ventilation System

Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM)-Texas takes the safety and welfare of its employees very seriously. In fact, the nation’s largest home……

Catania Oils Distribution Center

Two 24-foot diameter EPIC Colossus™ industrial HVLS fans helped Catalinia Oils reduce a projected 400 therms (400,000 cubic feet) of natural gas usage while providing a comfortable and well-heated dock bay area for all personnel during colder months.

Strassburg Creek Dairy

Ten 14-foot diameter EPIC Colossus™ industrial HVLS fans operated via the iFAN® control system provide comprehensive and controlled air circulation to ensure the consistent comfort of 700 replacement heifers during all seasons, as well as prevent surfaces and equipment from freezing in the winter. The result: healthier cows and ultimately, better milk production.

Expo Square - Tulsa, OK

16-foot and 20-foot diameter EPIC Colossus™ industrial HVLS fans installed inside five livestock complex stalling barns increase the amount of fresh air and lower the temperature - providing a higher level of comfort and safety for livestock, staff, as well as event promoters and managers.

The Outland Complex

A popular entertainment venue installed a custom-color, 14-foot diameter EPIC Apex™ fan (won through the EPIC Fanatic fan contest) and ended up with expectedly lower electricity costs, no further need for cumbersome stand-up fans, and more comfortable, contented artists, entertainers, bartenders, and patrons.

Nebraska Furniture Mart-Texas

To keep employees comfortable and air quality high in a facility with no traditional air conditioning, NFM-Texas installed 98 EPIC industrial HVLS fans throughout their facility resulting in a high volume of cooler, evenly distributed air.

Restore a Muscle Car

High volume of quiet and comfortable air movement within separate building zones that significantly reduces how much air conditioning is required to run during the summer and the excess need for costly propane in the winter for heating.

Origin Climbing Las Vegas

Two Colossus™ industrial fans – working in tandem with the facility’s HVAC system – help ensure climbers’ hands stay much dryer as they work out in ideal inside temperatures of 72 to 75 degrees (F) in the summer and a constant 68 degrees (F) during winter months.

Texas Horse Park at The Trinity

A combination of 23 EPIC Colossus™ industrial HVLS fans provide even airflow distribution and a perceived 20-degree temperature difference throughout the riding arena as well as a 19-stall stable and an equipment barn.

Tracker Marine Group

A combination of six 16- and 20-foot diameter EPIC Colossus™ HVLS industrial fans are arranged to provide high volume and even airflow distribution throughout the manufacturing facility.

Anytime Fitness

A single 8-foot diameter EPIC Apex™ commercial HVLS fan that provides slow moving, efficient and low-energy cost air circulation brings easy-to-control airflow that constantly and consistently emanates from the center of the fitness club to keep members cool and comfortable.

North Texas Helicopters

Glenn Patterson, owner of North Texas Helicopters and Aerowestern Helicopters, was looking for a way to ensure comfortable working conditions while simultaneously minimizing the amount of dust, debris and insects getting inside the hangar.

Nodding Donkey

To keep patrons inside comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside, The Nodding Donkey decided to install an 8-foot diameter EPIC Apex™ HVLS commercial fan centrally located over its Uptown location’s bar area. The fan features a powder-coated gloss black finish that coordinates well with The Nodding Donkey’s décor and silver corrugated industrial ceiling.

Drunken Donkey

When the Drunken Donkey’s Tim McClure decided to add a large and dramatic ceiling fan in the bar area at his The Colony location to better circulate air in the establishment, he worked with Epic Fans to determine the best size fan for his space: an 8-foot diameter Apex™ commercial HVLS fan.

Private Aircraft Hangar

Charlie Kearns developed an interest in flying early in life. When he isn’t working professionally or actively flying, Kearns enjoys spending time in his private aircraft hangar in Justin, Texas. It’s home to a 1976 Cessna, a model experimental kit plane and a fully restored 1953 U.S. Army Jeep.